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Gosha's Organics is a recognized leader in Innovative PHYTO Herbal Honey Infusions.

ODNOVA, polish for renewal, revitalize and rejuvenate, is a unique blend of raw honey and botanicals, which air the body in organically reaching a balanced state. ODNOVA Glo, Clarity and Energy are three independent food supplements which, when taken separately or together, help the human body to harmonize, balance and center, and naturally reach the desired Equilibrium State.

What is ODNOVA?

ODNOVA in the Polish language means “ renewal”, “revitalize”, “rejuvenate”. These qualities directly express the main functionality of each ODNOVA formula. Our products are created with the intention to reach a harmonizing, balancing and centering feeling; we call it an Equilibrium State.

ODNOVA products are supplements in a food form, which are harmonizing the entire body without overstimulating and draining the organism. All food intake creates an emotional and physical body/mind reaction. ODNOVA intends to recreate the state of harmony by delivering a substantial amount of crucial nutrients in their most natural primal form.

Gosia's Story

What started as the personal quest of one young woman seeking a source of “odnova” — renewal and rejuvenation — to overcome her own health hardships soon became a global mission to empower others through the creation of an innovative, exceptional whole-food product that combines the best of Ayurveda, Chinese and Holistic Medicine with ground-breaking scientific discoveries.



As head trainer at Malibu Fitness for over 30 years it is important for me to keep my energy level up and to look and feel my best. I am always in search of products that will help me achieve maximum health. Working out hard can be taxing on your adrenals and Gosha's products help to keep them functioning properly. I have been using GLO and love what it has done for my skin!

Group Instructor, Personal Trainer & Co-Founder of Malibu Fittness


Each of the ODNOVA products is filled with a high concentrated blend of seven grounding and imperative, holistic substances.

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