As a health consultant, it is my job to help my clients achieve their goals of shifting weight, increasing energy and living their best lives.

I am always on the look out for ways I can support their journey.

I am very happy to endorse Gosha's product, Odnova, as one of those products that does exactly what it claims to and more.

Her well sourced ingredients, vast holistic knowledge as well as the integrity that shines in her eyes have created an alchemy for overall health.

As a busy mom of two, I benefit greatly from "Energy". My body is given a steady release of energy that lasts. The tumeric, one of my favorite super foods, helps with inflammation and assists muscle repair after a hard workout.

"Glo" is fantastic, allowing me to stay young looking from the inside out, exactly where I feel beauty comes from.

My son, who has dyslexia, benefits from "Clarity" as it allows him to concentrate and assists his cognitive thinking.

My husband is a writer. "Clarity" helps him stay focused and, being a honey based supplement, it is an easy one for me to get him to not only take, but enjoy.

I look forward to offering these to my clients, knowing without a doubt, that they will see results and benefit greatly from Odnova.

Ama Brosnan
AmazoniA DiamonD
Health & Prosperity Consultant DiamonD

For many years I have sought to improve my health and standard of daily living through homeopathic methods such as supplements and natural remedies. The energy and vitality promised by higher quality foods and vitamins were creating a better life but like many people I knew that something was missing. I was still tired when I woke up in the morning and experienced the headaches and inability to concentrate that plague many of us looking for the perfect protocol for our health and well being. I wanted what I knew had to be available somewhere. Within 15minutes my energy levels went up and I felt healthier and more vibrant than I have in years. Within 15 minutes of taking the product, I experienced a natural high and joy that was nothing short of ecstatic. These products can change your life. I wish everyone in the world could have the chance to try them. I smile every time I see the beautiful jars on my kitchen counter in the morning. With love and gratitude

Lynne Harbaugh
Artist and Naam Yoga Member

As the head trainer at Malibu Fitness for over 30 years, it is important for me to keep my energy level up and to look and feel my best. I am always in search of products that will help me achieve maximum health. Working out hard can be taxing on your adrenals and Gosha's products help to keep them functioning properly. I have been using GLO and love what it has done for my skin!

Mary Pritchett
Group Instructor, Personal Trainer & Co-Founder of Malibu Fittness

"I was lucky enough to have a jar of Gosia's 'Clarity' product and was truly surprised by how quickly this speciality had such a powerful effect. Taken over the course of a few weeks 'Clarity' made a noticeable difference to my overall health and wellbeing and also my mental clarity.

I now know how deeply Gosia is involved in her pursuit of synergistic excellence with her product from sourcing the purest ingredients to combining them in the most well intended way. I couldn't recommend Gosia's products highly enough."

Jules Williams

"We both noticed that when we take ODNOVA, within minutes, it gives us energy and keeps us focused. It is not the nervous "coffee energy" though! Also because of it's Ormus content it creates a calm, grounded feeling. We both sleep very well at night from it.

I have been taking ODNOVA for three months now, there's been a lot of sick people around me and I didn't catch it.

Maria also noticed that she has a heightened sense of intuition and well-being.

My favorites are Energy and Glo.Maria's favorites are Clarity and Glo.

Maria and Suzanna
Beauty/Health Blogger

Being in a Raw Food Industry for over 14 years and being surrounded with a very sophisticated and knowledgeable clientele , I am always looking for new transformational products on the market, that not only will make me feel better , but also have been made from organic, clean, unprocessed ingredients , following high quality standards of manufacturing . Gosha's Organics products are one of the rare products on the market where the innovation of each product has been reflected in Gosia herself . Knowing her personally , her core values, who she is , and what she stands for as a woman gave me a confidence that her new product line would be her best product line ever.

Not to my surprise , when I tried Clarity for the first time , I started feeling a natural sensation of well being and sense of immediate mental clarity. Every time I tried either GLO or Energy I started feeling more alive and happy , my skin started to glow,my family and friends started asking me what I have been doing because they see the change . There are so many great products on the market right now, but I must admit that Gosha's Organics ODNOVA line of Innovative PHYTO Herbal Honey Infusions are truly transformational, they represent a new way of thinking about Dietary Supplements , where the cells absorb the nutrients and you feel it right away. I give this supplement to my children because I trust Gosia to never compromise on quality or processing and that is very important to me for the health of my family.

Janabai Owens
Wellness Guru & Rawvolution Creator

"Not a huge fan of supplements. I tend to believe we should be getting what we need from our food. Food is energy and medicine. Odnova is both. In a crazy world full of GMO's, pesticides, antibiotics, processed foods, it's fantastic when a product comes along that resonates with you. I firmly believe Odnova is made with integrity, authenticity, and the intention to nourish us at a cellular level. From the biophonic violet glass jars to the great taste, this is a product I can stand behind. "

Angelique Bianca
The Angel Frequency

"My Testimonial and Aura measurements on Gosha's Organics Clarity

Quantum physics tells us that matter is energy. The human body is an amazing biological quantum “machine” that has incredible potential. “We are bundles of information and energy in an unlimited field of information and energy…” Our energetic “body” often referred as the aura is a pulsating field of information and energy, which expands far beyond the limitations of our physical body. Whatever we feel, think or take in to our body is reflected in our aura. We have conducted some measurements with the Aura Video Station (AVS) Biofeedback System to see how the human energy field changes by ingesting Clarity supplement (Gosha’s Organics).

Measurement notes: Based on the AVS measurements Clarity not just balances the magnetic field (aura) aligns the energy centers (chakras) it also seem to activate the life flow and shifts the energetic body to higher frequencies most of the time. Some energy sensation while taking the supplement: there is a sense of opening. Chi/life energy starts to flow the vibrating vortex through hands and feet gets stronger. Positive impact on state of mind: mind becomes more relaxed, peaceful and meditative.

Other observations: Gosha's Organics Clarity successfully cleared a headache within 15 minutes, also gave a sense of clarity and opening for an overwhelmed mind. I love taking this conscious potion daily.

It has a pleasant taste, also knowing the positive effects it generates, I cannot imagine my mornings without it."

Olgi Kutasi
Aura Video Station Consultant

"Gosia's products are of the highest standards of purity and efficacy. With over 17 years of experience in nutrition and wellness, Gosia aims to encapsulate the ultimate benefits of each ingredient in her products, and to combine them in a synergistic way that amplifies health and wellness. I have been using her Clarity product each morning on an empty stomach and look forward to the delicious, invigorating experience in each teaspoon. A small amount is very powerful. Knowing Gosia personally, I realize that she infuses each product with her devotion to living a radiant life and with her sincere desire to bring radiant health and wellness to all."

Jennifer Beamer
Empower Pilates and Personal Training "The Art and Science of Intelligent Movement"
Malibu Fitness

I’ve tried and used hundreds of nutritional and health products and they all provided great health benefits however since I’ve been using the 3 revolutionary products created by Gosia . ODNOVA Energy, ODNOVA Glo and ODNOVA Clarity. I am experiencing unique and powerful results and benefits beyond my expectations. Everyone is commenting and asking what make up and skin care I use for my face? My energy is high and always upbeat regardless to my daily challenges and I feel calm at the same time. . I have 3 careers parallel and with the ODNOVA Clarity product I am able to focus and juggle my work and my personal life beautifully and skillfully and without an overwhelming sensation, fulfilling my commitments and engagements. I am grateful and sincerely thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of this amazing transformation.

Ana Weber Ph.D., CPC, MBA
Lifestyle Leadership Coach
Best Selling Author
Founder of 360 degrees course APP

I am looking forward each and every day to take a tea spoon of the 3 extra ordinary products ODNOVE Energy , ODNOVA Clarity and ODNOVA Glo- designed by Gosia Reed for her company “Gosha’s Organics”. This ritual has become a routine I will not miss regardless to my daily schedule. I mix the 3 ingredients with blended fruit and my breakfast is complete and fulfilling, body, mind and spirit. I am ready to start my day with a smile and a feeling of accomplishments and joy.

Thanks so much Gosia.

Mario Haber
Orange Metal and Spinning
Santa Ana, California

“Odnova was inspired by the pursuit of overcoming my own personal health challenges. The formulas I developed have changed my life. I hope that by sharing them, you too will benefit from their transformational properties. May ODNOVA become a part of your own journey to Conscious Nutrition. Now discover and enjoy your own CLARITY, ENERGY AND GLO.” - Gosha