Q & A

What Ormus is:

Ormus has been known as well as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements which are highly conductive mineral elements found in nature and to some extent found in polysaccharide(essential sugars) containing super foods (aloe vera, noni, goji berry) and medicinal mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, etc.). These mineral concentrates are suggested to have levitational properties which promote elasticity and fluidity of joints, muscles, and tendons along with immune system boosting benefits. The ancient alchemists of Egypt were said to be in search of what is known as “The Philosophers Stone” or “The Elixir of Life”, they were searching out very unique properties in nature which turns out to be Ormus materials.

How Ormus effects the subtle body and how it changes the energy of the formula:

These substances seem to, not only effect the health of our physical body, but what is known as our subtle body. The subtle body has been explained in many spiritual traditions by different terms such as “The Light Body” or our “Aura”. Ormus can effect the subtle body by interacting with our inherent energy system which governs how we produce immediate energy(Qi) and how we are cultivating stored energy(Jing). It can help to ground the energy as well influence our ability to gain clarity and enter into a deeper meditative state. Some experts believe that these substances can help us manifest our dreams faster and with less resistance if consumed regularly.

The dead sea salt method extracted Ormus in ODNOVA greatly changes the dynamics of this product. Ormus simply acts as a “potentiator” for the original ingredients in this product and helps to amplify their effects. The use of bee products, specifically honey coupled with ormus helps to enhance one of natures most energetically concentrated foods due to it’s high enzymatic concentration, not to forget that honey is cultivated by one of natures most anomalous creatures, the Bee. The super foods and adaptogenic herbs are though to be highly effected by the combination of ormus as these foods originally contain fractions of ormus materials themselves.

What are the spiritual effects of consuming Ormus ODNOVA :

The spiritual benefits will be different for everyone but one thing that is common for people who consume this product is that they get a surge of natural energy with very minimal amounts. The potential for increased clarity and mood enhancement is dramatic as every ingredient is specifically designed to boost brain function, cardiovascular strength, immune protection, and physical flexbility. These are the main physical problems people struggle with that hinders their ability to tap into their spiritual practice. When we alleviate pain and allow the body to heal naturally our spiritual clarity is greatly improved.