Gosia's Story

What started as the personal quest of one young woman seeking a source of “odnova” — renewal and rejuvenation — to overcome her own health hardships soon became a global mission to empower others through the creation of an innovative, exceptional whole-food product that combines the best of Ayurveda, Chinese and Holistic Medicine with ground-breaking scientific discoveries.

Gosha’s Organics: Conscious Nutrition

Growing up in Poland under the communistic regime , Gosia was struggling with a heart condition from an early age. Always tired and anemic , if not in a hospital often in bed.

Like many who struggle to achieve ideal or even just stable health, Gosia spent countless hours and dollars trying nutritional supplements in all forms — pills, powders, juices, and treatments — only to be told she must try a different treatment . She couldn’t find one product, food, supplement that would give her body all it needs : life enzymes , prebiotic, probiotic, trace minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other phytonutrients. Tired of choking down handfuls of incompatible supplements, Gosia took back the reins of her personal health by attending a holistic medicine university in Wroclaw, Poland, where she spent the next four years studying the relationship between nutrition, and balanced health.

Equipped with cutting-edge nutritional education and a passion for producing the optimal solution, Gosia began developing her first honey fusion product in the kitchen of her own Los Angeles home eight years ago. Her unique, hand-crafted solution quickly garnered the following of local health and wellness retailers, as well as national celebrities and publications, who came to know Gosia as the “Honey Fusion Girl.”

“People reach for coffee or tea in the morning to give them energy, but it’s just a stimulant — and it takes the body out of balance. The long-term effect of over dosing is significant: affecting your kidney, thyroid, adrenals, etc., as well as feeling over caffeinated,” says company founder Gosia Reed. “What if you could get that energy boost naturally, in a way that nourishes your body instead? You could even add a teaspoon of Odnova into your coffee to make it less acidic and more adaptogenic.

Odnova changes your body’s functionality on a cellular level and changes the way your body responds to what you’re drinking. I believe that our Herbal Honey Fusions are a new way to look at how to give the body what it needs.”

Fueled by the excitement of her loyal customers, Gosia decided to expand the scope of her original Honey Fusion product to create three improved, nutritionally conscious formulas that deliver a more balanced, harmonious experience upon ingestion, while empowering customers to take an informed approach to addressing their unique health needs. Taking her vision to the next level, she moved production into a high-capacity manufacturing facility and implemented innovative upgrades to her honey fusion formulas without compromising her exceptional quality standards and the product’s 100% pure, unprocessed, raw, and organic ingredients from the best sources.

”People are tired of being tired, and tired of not being able to rely on their bodies,” Gosia explains. “What inspires me now is to see people experiencing more clarity and energy without using harmful stimulants pills or capsules . Our customers tell us often that they’re looking forward to taking it in the morning, they like the fact that it tastes delicious, and puts their body in a balanced state instantly, naturally, easily, and enjoyably.”

Gosia’s mission is to take an active role in making conscious choices about their health by inspiring others to improve their daily life choices which affect how they feel. Purity, integrity, authenticity, and transparency are fundamental values in her personal life, her hand-crafted products, and the mission of her company.

Currently living in Malibu, CA with her fiancée Glen, Gosia is also a proud mother to her 26-year-old daughter Roksi.

"Optimal Health isn't a destination.
It's a lifelong journey."

Gosha's Organics is a recognized leader in Innovative PHYTO Herbal Honey Infusions.

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